Untamed Feminine

The world I want for my daughter


psychologists, sociologists, cultural experts, social workers, shamans, sexuality experts, artists, authors, scientists, and many more.

Monika’s documentary takes us on a journey that is familiar to many women, where they are not taken seriously, often gaslighted, and treated as too emotional, too loud, too crazy, and basically “too much”. We learn about stereotypes, dispute false assumptions about gendered emotions, and discover how much we have been trained to hide and mistrust our wild side. We explore what are the consequences of embracing and unleashing our untamed side as well as letting wilderness into our lives.

We challenge harmful stereotypes and recognize that emotions are a natural and healthy part of the human experience, regardless of gender. We learn that women are not inherently more emotional than men and try to understand why we tend to think otherwise.

We delve deeper into the untamed feminine, understand her gifts, and see what happens if we deny it.

The Story

The Untamed Feminine film not only features insights from leading experts, but also follows an individual on her journey of unleashing the untamed, wild feminine in her life, empowering herself in the workplace, relationships, and in life in general. Through this inspiring and emotional story, we discover…

Director and Producer

Monika Witkowska

Monika is an accomplished filmmaker with over 10 years of experience in video and television production. Her work has been showcased on prestigious platforms such as BBC, Netflix, and UK cinemas. 

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